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Our Restaurant

World class restaurant, bar

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Lemon-Rosemary Chicken
Chicken / Rosemary / Lemon
Imported Oysters Grill (5 Pieces)
Oysters / Veggie / Ginger
Wild Mushroom Bucatini with Kale
Mushroom / Veggie / White Sources
Tuna Roast Source
Tuna / Potatoes / Rice

Main Course

Salted Fried Chicken
Chicken / Olive Oil / Salt
Crab With Curry Sources
Crab / Potatoes / Rice
Imported Salmon Steak
Salmon / Veggies / Oil
Pork with Italian Salsa Verde
Pork / Tomatoes / Veggies

Our Brands

Our brands have a rich history rooted in quality cuisine, fine dining, hospitality service and a deep support of our community.

Cheval Blanc is a French style and originality. One that will take you in a wonderful journey with varieties of food experiences surrounded by state of the art settings. You’ll sure be amazed by our Star Michelin chefs and served by qualified friendly staff, signaling more wonderful experiences that will tempt you to repeat the journey again and again

Celeste sky bar is a timeless classics, well known for its international and authentic experience for both new and old patrons alike. The restaurant of choice for influential decision makers, its beautiful surroundings with a 360 revolving view of Phnom Penh skyline ensure that your fine dining experience is of the highest quality.

Ed’s Café is a renowned upscale style café with an infinity pool situated on 41st floor of The Penthouse Residence where our guests can enjoy their favorite meal overlooking the city skyline of Phnom Penh. Our international chefs will serve you local, western or health food cuisine or just having some coffee and relax by our poolside in the sky and enjoy the atmosphere.

Welcome to Celeste

Celeste Revolving Restaurant offers an exceptional dining experience on the 43rd floor of a luxurious condominium, thanks to our revolving rooftop. Relax in our comfortable couches while enjoying the breathtaking view of Phnom Penh cityscape. Discover our selection of cocktails, drinks and fine dishes that will lighten your evening. We will do our best to give a pleasurable memory in our restaurant.